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Third Trimester Blueprint : Conquer Your Birth with 3 Powerhouse Strategies

Shift your expectations, tap your inner strength, and claim control over your birthing experience.

*If you can't attend live, you will get a Replay*

In this FREE masterclass, you'll discover:


How to turn those scary jitters into your biggest cheerleader! Learn how to change how you view labor pain, powerful breathing tricks, and simple techniquess. No more worries; just you feeling strong and in control.


Fuel your body for a powerful birth with coping tools, movement magic, and optimal pregnancy: feel confident, move freely, and birth comfortably.


Confused by doctor talk? Learn what it all means, ask the questions you need, and make a birth plan YOU love! This is your birth, your way.

Meet Trish

Trish Ware, RN

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For 16 years, I've seen the beauty and power of birth unfold in the high-risk labor and delivery ward. It's a beautiful, miraculous journey, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

But seeing women wrestle with fear and uncertainty fueled a fire in me. I knew I had to share the tools and knowledge that helped me birth seven incredible babies (including my sweet adopted daughter!).

That's how Labor Nurse Mama was born – a virtual haven for mamas-to-be to unlock their inner strength and embrace a confident, empowered birth experience.

Forget feeling unheard or out of control! I'm here to guide you with every breath, affirmation, and birthing position, so you can greet your little miracle on your own terms, with a smile (and maybe a happy tear or two). - all rights reserved - terms & conditions